The Club of the mothers from Boca do Rio, a philanthropical organization, was founded by Beu Machado, a journalist from Salvador. Boca do Rio, one of the lower class neighbourhoods of the city, has many children who have to grow up without a father. To help them and their mothers to survive, Beu Machado and his wife first transformed their own residence into a kindergarden and took care of many of those favela kids while their mothers could work for a living. The number of assisted children grew constantly, and on April 8, 1986 they inaugurated the new kindergarden building. Today, the Kindergarden in the
Rua Caxundé attends 215 children and is directed by Maria José Machado, the widow of Beu Machado.

The institution cares especially for children in misery and tries to provide them with education, health (food) and recreation (games, sports and excursions). The mothers are very grateful for being able to go to work while they know their kids in good hands.

While the journalist Beu Machado was still alive, the kindergarden received many donations from artists, who got promotion from him and knew about and appreciated his social work and sense. Today, after his death 1992, the kindergarden is an organisation with many running expenses. Therefore the people of the Creche depend on help from friends and authorities, to be able to continue their charity work despite all obstacles.

The organisation Club of the mothers from Boca do Rio was first accepted as a welfare association by the city of Salvador, on August, 20, 1993 it got this status as well on a federal level by the Federal Congress of Brasil. Addicionally, the state of Bahia donated a new building, where the Kindergarden still resides and which made it possible to even enlarge its activities.

At present there are four different projects that are organised by the Creche and need private financial support:

Additional to the work of the kindergarden an intensive literacy project Projeto Ponte (Project Bridge) was founded in 1995, that intensively prepares the five to seven years olds by the time of two years for the public schools. At the end of their last year, all pupils acquire the title of "doctors of the ABC". While normally 40% of the Brazilian children are at least one term behind, up to now every single Ponte pupils was admitted for the advanced course or could even skip the first class. The Projekt Ponte was initiated an realized by Tato Lemos (singer), Conni Gregor (sociologist) and Edna Lemos (teacher). Through beneficent shows and donations from friends and fans they collect the money nessecary for the daily work, while, in addition, Ponte always tries to support the whole project of the kindergarden financially - always rooted in the tradition of the Creche´s philosophy: to create a niche for children, that gives them distance to poverty, dispair and dirt, and provides them with values and ambition to lead a worthy life without hunger and violence, to help them find proper education, work and self-esteem to live as citizens with all due rights and possibilities.